Jan 222012

I’m writing this blog post off line as my internet connection has been off all day and doesn’t look like it will be back on for another couple of days. Fortunately this hasn’t  interrupted my work too much.  Most of the day has been spent working on the next App that will be launched under the happycaffeine brand and the first one that will be marketed fully.  It’s going to be a E Numbers information App that I started a while ago but for several reason it never got finished.  The absolute basics are just about working but there is still a bit left to do to turn it in to a decent product.

As my internet was off I spent the day workng at a friends house and I don’t know whether it was the change of scenery or the need to try not to rely on having the internet access that did it but a few problems that I’d had with the App were overcome and rather than adding loads of code it was actually fixed by removing and refactoring the code.  Making things better by makeing them more simple always makes me happy.

The next job will be to improve the User interface and add some graphics to make it more user friendly and easier on the eye.



Internet came back on line not long after writing this, phew



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